Short Profile Name: Artem (Нarut) Diatyan DOB: 12 September 1969 Place of birth: Moscow,Russia Occupation: Artist. Recognised as one of the rebeloius painters in contemporary art today. "Painting - in a world of sensations, and reflect it - so give him an eternity, - says Artem Diatyan. - I work with a variety of tools, because each of them gives a special texture and enrich the material. I try to use more colors of their own manufacture, and never work under artificial light. All the paintings are in the open air and dries very long, and the process of their treatment and does take many months or even years. My world devoid of sounds: I lost my hearing as a child, but, nevertheless, I hope that my work can give people a piece of happiness and harmony in life; "If you get pleasure from life, she is uniquely inspire you on the subject of the image, no matter what you want to bring into the picture - this is the opinion of the artist. - I get inspiration from anything and everything and constantly, and often it is just" not off "as it is" imperfect creates beautiful things. "

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